How Pawan Kalyan helped Bahubali 2

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The much awaited film Bahubali: The Conclusion is out and is storming the theatres. Rajamouli’s opus Bahubali 2 is getting a massive response all over the world. Bahubali: The Conclusion is the extension of Bahubali 1 which was released two years ago. Prabhas, Rana, Tamannah and Anushka Shetty played lead roles in the film. We all know that making Bahubali is not that easy and it took almost five years to complete it.

The story of Bahubali is written by Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad. Vijayendra Prasad is one of the greatest directors of all time. He has written many great stories including Bajarangi Bhaijaan of Bollywood. Vijayendra Prasad has many beautiful stories and Rajamouli always selects stories of his father’s.

However Bahubali: The Conclusion interval scene is the highlight of the film. During the interval scene, Ballaladeva (Rana) was crowned as king and people of Mahishmati chants for ‘Jayho Bahubali’. The ground trembles and Ballaladeva gets hatred and his blood boils with anger. This is the highlight of the film and it attracted the audience in the theatres.

However Vijayendra Prasad didn’t wrote this scene in his story line but this thought came when Vijayendra Prasad watched an audio function when people were chanting ‘pawan Kalyan’. Vijayendra prasad said “when we were planning for Bahubali2 interval scene, we are confused and were in dilemma of what to keep for interval. At that time I was watching audio function in TV and people were chanting for ‘pawan kalyan’. No matter who is on stage, people chants for ‘pawan kalyan’. This incident has inspired me and I thought of keeping the same scene for Bahubali 2 interval”.

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He also added that Katappa character didn’t came from Bahubali but Bahubali came from katappa character. Katappa might be old but he is strong and gives training for troops.

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