Pawan Kalyan next movie with star producer: Movie details

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Pawan Kalyan is the star hero in Telugu film industry and the actor has immense fan following in Telugu states. We all know that Pawan kalyan is acting under the direction of Trivikram and Anu Emmanuel and keerty Suresh are playing female lead roles. Pawan Kalyan next movie will be with a star producer after Trivikram’s movie.

That Star producer is none other Dil Raju. Although Dil Raju produced many films but he never got opportunity to produce a film for Pawan kalyan. When Pawan kalyan said that he will give breaks for acting in films, Dil Raju rushed to the sets and asked Pawan to do a film.

Pawan Kalyan asked Dil Raju to come with a nice story. earlier, Dil Raju came up with many stories but none impressed Pawan kalyan. So Dil Raju is in search of new stories. let us hope to see a film in this combo.

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