Patanjali Amla juice is unsafe: Army canteens suspend sale

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Another big blow for Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali brand as its Amla juice is alleged as unsafe.  Patanjali’s Amla juice products are sent back by army canteens across the nation. The canteen stores department (CSD) of India’s defense forces has ordered to return all the Patanjali Amla juice products. The department has received certain reports stating that Patanjali Amla juice is unsafe.

The laboratory tests done on the product have proved that the Amla juice of Patanjali is harmful. However this might be shocking to Patanjali as Amla Juice is one of the first products of Patanjali which brought the brand more revenue and fame.

Patanjali Amla juice is unsafe

The Amla juice was tested in Kolkata’s lab and the researchers have found that the product is unfit for consumption. After these latest reports, Patanjali has withdrawn all the product supplies to army canteens. CSD is the supplier of consumer goods supplier for over 12 million people who serve Indian defense services.

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This is big blow for Patanjali brand image and the laboratory which stated that Patanjali’s amla juice is unsafe also proved that Nestle Maggie high lead levels and MSG. hence these laboratory results are to be must believe facts. Earlier there were many allegations on Patanjali that all the brand’s products are not completely natural.

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