Parth Samthaan alleged for sexual harassment, case filed on actor

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TV actor Parth Samthaan is alleged for sexual harassment of a 20 year girl who is a model. A sexual harassment case was filed on the actor as parth samthaan demanded for sexual favors from the girl. It’s been a month since the case was filed in the police station. The model stated that the complaint was filed one month ago but no action was taken till now on the actor.

The police commented that the actor was not in the city and he has returned on Thursday. The model who lodged complaint on the actor belongs to Evershine Nagar, Malad. According to the police reports, Parth Samthaan and the model met two years back. The duo exchanged phone numbers and started chatting and they have spent many days together going to movies, restaurants and parties.

The model stated that “we have become best friends and he drinks a lot and after he used to intimate me. Last month in February we have met for the last time. At that time Parth asked for sexual favors if I want his assistance. I told Parth Samthaan that I was not interested and I told him not to text or call me”.

The actor has sent various obscene comments in WhatsApp and irritated the model with his vulgar language. As the model couldn’t tolerate this anymore she approached police and lodged a complaint on the actor. The police have booked an FIR on the actor.

However Parth Samthaan responded on the issue and stated “the case is ‘bogus’ and the girl has complained in February and nothing came out of it. I have gone to US and came back in this time”. The actor denied that he didn’t send any obscene messages on WhatsApp.

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Senior inspector, Santosh said that “the case is being investigated and we have filed FIR under section 354 A for sexual harassment against actor Samthaan”. Parth Samthaan is a model and television actor who acted in ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan’ and ‘Best Friends Forever?’. The 26 year old actor has broken uo with his ex-girlfriend Disha Patani.

Parth Samthaan alleged for sexual harassment, case filed on actor
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Parth Samthaan alleged for sexual harassment, case filed on actor
TV actor parth Samthaan was alleged for sexual harassment on a model. Case was filed on the actor of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan and Best Friends Forever. Checkout more details on the case and the model who lodged the complaint
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