Paraguay robbery, thieves looted millions with advanced weapons


The Paraguay robbery might be named as the ‘robbery of the century’ as the dangerous thieves have looted millions. In Indian currency the thieves almost looted Rs 257 crore and the world has witnessed the largest robbery in the century. This robbery is almost similar to Hollywood movie with lot of guns, rockets and explosives.

Almost 58 theives attacked the prosegur and looted millions of cash. The thieves used heavy explosives, grenades and guns to enter the office. The entire city seemed like a war was going on in the city. The thieves diverted the troops and blocked the main roads by burning vehicles on roads itself.

Paraguay robbery

They also blasted the police station and attacked the police officials. Before the bank was looted it has over $ 40 million dollars and all of it was looted by the thieves. With this attack the entire office building was damaged and unimaginable wealth is looted. The thieves also used rocket launchers and heavy explosives; a police was died in this battle.

Paraguay robbery, thieves looted millions with advanced weapons

The thieves left few vehicles and those vehicles are heaving guns, explosives  and even a fixed gun to attack flights or helicopters. All the thieves covered their faces with black masks and spoken in Portuguese language. Police are now searching Brazil and Paraguay for the thieves. Army troops have killed three thieves nearby borders while police arrested 5 people.

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The officials said that the members of thieves belong to ‘First Capital Command’. The group belongs to Brazil and is one of the most powerful and dangerous groups in Brazil. The group is one of the largest exporter of drugs and the officials have said that they will catch the thieves as soon as possible.

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