Panneerselvam as deputy CM, Kamal Hassan fires

Panneerselvam as deputy CM, Kamal Hassan fires

AIADMK rivals have shocked everyone with their merging. After Jayalalitha passed away, AIADMK has broken into two parts but finally they came together. Panneerselvam as deputy CM of Tamil Nadu is a big shocker to Tamil people. Panneerselvam was also given Finance ministry portfolio which was earlier held by D Jeyakumar.

Panneerselvam close aid K Pandiarajan was given minister position of Tamil culture and Tamil official language. Tamil Nadu new deputy CM¬†Panneerselvam said “No one can separate us, we are all children’s of Amma”. However, Kamal Hassan fired on Tamil Nadu ruling party AIADMK saying they have made Tamil people fools. From past couple of months, Kamal Hassan has firing against Tamil Nadu government.

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