Pakistani singer Zain Ali dead: Reasons are shocking!

Singer Zain Ali dead

Pakistani singer Zain Ali dead in his friend’s house. This incident has shocked many people and Zain Ali participated in Indian music show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ 2012 edition. The young singer unfortunately passed away in his friend’s house near Lahore. Many people were further shocked after Zain Ali’s brother Sonu Ali’s comments.

Sonu Ali said “Zain is unmarried and he is not having any love affairs or financial troubles and he is also excited in making a song for an upcoming film. He said that he is going to hangout with friends for a while and now we came to know that he is no more”. Zain Ali was found unconscious in washroom and an medical investigation is going on.

Many people thought that Zain Ali would become great singer for Pakistan but fate got him at worst. However, it was known that Zain Ali got used to drugs and high usage of drugs might cause brain hemorrhage. But nothing was confirm about his death. Let us hope that Zain Ali rests in Peace!

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