Pakistan thanked India for reuniting mother and child

Rohina Kiyani

In a humanitarian aspect both the rivals India and Pakistan cooperated with each other. Pakistan government thanked Indian authority for helping in reuniting the lost child and mother.  Going to the story, child and mother were separated a year ago. Rohina Kiyani is a Pakistani woman who lost his son one year back. Rohina’s husband has taken away their son and found in India.

The husband said that he was taking the boy to a wedding and flew away to Dubai by taking the child. From Dubai he went to Nepal later he reached Jammu Kashmir. The mother reported in the Pakistan high commission. The Pakistan high commission reported the issue in Indian court in New Delhi. The court has ordered that the boy should be returned to his mother in Pakistan.

The child was returned to his mother at Wagah by Indian authorities. The Pakistani rangers have received the boy from Indian authorities and the child’s mother Rohina Kiyani was waiting at wagah eagerly to see her son after a year struggle. The mother was happy to see her son again and she said that it really is an miracle to have her son back.

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The Pakistani high commissioner thanked the Indian authorities for their extreme cooperation in returning the boy. By keeping all political aspects aside, the Indian authorities showed humanity in helping the Pakistani mother. According to Indian Intelligence report the father and son came to Nepal from Dubai and stayed Ganderbal district.

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