Oviya eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil: Reasons revealed!

Oviya to leave Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Tamil has got good popularity and the audience loved everything about it starting from kamal Hassan’s anchoring to contestants natural acting. Oviya has been the spotlight for Bigg Boss and according to some latest reports, Oviya eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil and this is really an shocking news to Oviya fans.

Oviya has gained good fan following with her acting, beauty and frankness has brought her humongous fan base. There was lot of buzz sayiing that Oviya has attempted for suicide in the Bigg Boss house but they were proved to be false. Oviya requested for medical help and she wanted to leave Bigg Boss house as soon as possible. Oviya eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil might be hard fr fans as she has been the favorite in winning the title.

The main reason behind this might be because of Aarav ditched OViya in Bigg Boss. There was lot of rumors and buzz going on in social media and an imposter of Robo shankar tweeted that Oviya attempted suicide in the house but soon Robo Shankar clarified that it was not his account. However, it is now confirmed that Oviya didn’t attempted suicide but she desperately wanted to leave Bigg Boss house. Oviya was spotted travelling in her car which indicates that Oviya is out of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Oviya out of bigg boss tamil

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