Do this one thing before sleep to get a glowing face by morning


In our day to day life we are either travelling a lot in dust, Pollution, Sunlight or working too much… As our food habits have also changed, we are eating lots of junk food and oil food daily. All these factors make our face look dull and lead to even some skin problems which make us look ugly. To overcome these problems and to get a glowing face instantly, follow this simple step. No need to buy any costly cosmetic products, all you need is just honey and milk……



  • 1 tb spoon of Honey.
  • 2 tb spoons of fresh milk.

How to do:

  • Take these two ingredients and stir well until it gets mixed and make it like a pack.
  • Now apply this pack on your face and on neck thoroughly by avoiding eyes (better to cover eyes with a cucumber (keera) slices).
  • After a good massage leave it for 15 minutes to get it dried.
  • Now with lukewarm water clean off your face and neck.


Follow this procedure for a week and you will get shocked by knowing the results by yourself. Honey and milk are the best ingredients to protect your skin and also to make your face glow. This makes your face not only glow but it also makes the rough skin to smooth.

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