OMG!!!Sushil Kumar is all set to debut in WWE in 2017???


It looks like we have got another sultan from India. But this Sultan is not a reel Sultan; he is going to become a real Sultan. Just like Salman khan in the Sultan movie who goes for pro wrestling from free style wrestling.

Now Sushil Kumar is getting ready for making his debut in WWE in next year. Sushil Kumar was approached by WWE management in the earlier of this year. But Sushil Kumar denied the offers made by WWE managementpro wrestling.

Sushil Kumar

But after several approaches of the WWE management, finally Sushil Kumar agreed to make his debut in WWE. But he has to train well as WWE is far different from free style wrestling.

The WWE superstars are professionally trained performers but Sushil Kumar is a free style wrestler. So we have to wait and see how Sushil Kumar is going to perform in WWE.


If Sushil made his debut in WWE, he would be the second Wrestler from India after the Great Khali. Khali has performed in WWE for some years and got retired from WWE. It looks like now Sushil Kumar will replace Khali from India in WWE.

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