OMG! More than 27,000 databases were hacked and the hackers demand for ransom

Database hacking

This will stand as one of the biggest hacking incident happened ever. More than 27,000 databases which were managed by MongoDB are hacked. MongoDB is a database application and it was hacked and stolen many files from it. It is not yet known whether the hacking is done by a single hacker or a group of hackers. The hackers went by handle Harak 1r1 in the past week and got access to all the databases managed by MongoDB.

The hackers are now threatening to delete or encrypt the entire database. For safe exchange of database the hackers demanded money in terms of BitCoin. More than 10,000 files are hacked within few hours and according to ArsTechina’s report a single hacker cannot hack these many files in just few hours. So there must be a group of hackers who hacked the databases.

There are many victims in this massacre and few victims already paid the ransom and got back their files back. The Norway security researcher Merrigan reported that attackers hacked 12,000 databases at first and another 15,000 data base file in just 12 hours.

Merrigan also stated that 15 distinct hackers have done this hacking with different E-mail ids out of which one E-mail was identified as kraken0. He and his team helped 120 victims to secure their databases which were hacked by the hackers. A total of 99,000 MongoDB databases were exposed in the internet. Shodan founder Matherly has warned earlier that the files were exposed without any access control and can be hacked at any time.

The majority of the hackers who attacked the databases are from Australia as 90% of the IP addresses of the hackers are from Australia. Some of the databases of MongoDB are exposed for testing but however those files should have a secured access control. The hackers scanned all the unprotected databases of MongoDB and attacked MongoDB and stolen data. Now if the victims want their data back they should pay the ransom demanded by the hackers.

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