Olive Ridley turtles in India lay 3.55 lakh eggs in just one week


At last some good news! No need to worry about the extinction of the rare olive Ridley turtles as the olive turtles has laid a whopping 3.55 eggs which is the highest record ever. This rare incident has happened on the beaches of Odisha and Andhra in India. Few days back the environmentalists were worried about the extinction of the olive ridley turtles as many of them have been washed away to the beach.

These species were on a line of extinction as many of them have died by the fishermen who are catching the turtles illegally with their nets. The numbers of the olive ridley turtles were slowly decreasing and this made the panic in environmentalists. But now there’s no need to worry because the turtles on the beach have laid record number of eggs in a week.


The news on Monday stated that 3.55 lakhs eggs were laid by turtles on the shores and this will avoid the risk of extinction of olive ridley turtles. This huge number of eggs will save the olive ridley turtles from getting extinct. According to forest officer of the respective division stated that “More than 3.55 lakh eggs have been laid by turtles in a week by a mass nesting in Ganjam coast and this is a record”.

olive turtles

The olive ridley turtles have laid 3.9 lakh eggs last year and they have broken that record now by laying 3.55 lakh eggs. Officer also stated that the number may increase more up to 4 lakh eggs as the calculations were still going on. The nesting of eggs was ended on February 20th which was started on February 13th.  However the forest department is taking serious care about the eggs and organized camps for taking care of the eggs.

Olive Ridley turtles

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The entire cost was being fenced for the protection of eggs and turtles from the trawlers. The coast was being guarded by the speed boasts to restrict any entry of illegal fishing boats. This protection will last until the turtles hatch from the eggs and reach into ocean successfully. Hence the extinction of Olive Ridley turtles have been eliminated.

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