Ola charged Rs 149 crore for Mumbaikar on single ride

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On April 1st, Mumbaikar faced a bizarre situation when he was charged whopping Rs 149 crore for a single Ola ride that too which was cancelled. The Mumbaikar didn’t even take the cab and the driver has cancelled the cab. So he was charged recklessly even after the cancellation of the ride. Is this called flaw? Or we should give it any new name?

Sushil Narsian booked a Ola ride in Mulund, Mumbai. But unfortunately the cab driver’s mobile was low on charge. His mobile got switched off, so the cab driver has cancelled the ride and Sushil didn’t know that his ride was cancelled. When he tried to call the cab driver, the driver’s mobile was switched off.

Based on the GPS location, Sushil went by walk to the cab’s location. When he reached the location, he couldn’t find the cab and he was charged Rs149 crore. He then came to know that the cab ride has been cancelled without any intimation and moreover he was charged Rs 149 crore. Sushil had an wallet balance of Rs127 which was also debited from his Ola wallet and the portal asked him to pay the remaining amount in cash.

Ola cab charges

This is the weirdest and funniest incident ever and sushil reported this to cab-aggregators Social media team. At last they have cleared the extra charge of Rs 149 crore and also credited the amount of Rs127 which was debited from his wallet balance. Ola also offered discounts for 25 rides which can be used by end of May. At first Narsian thought he was being fooled on April fool’s day.

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However Sushil has become celebrity by overnight in social media. There were many jokes and troll on him. His friends are teasing him in social media saying that he may soon get invitation from Bigg Boss. While someone trolled him by saying “Sushil might book cab for Pluto or any other far planet”. However this showcased the flaw in Ola software system.

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