What is O Visa? How to go USA with O Visa and eligibility

H1-B visa

After Donald Trump becoming USA president it effected the foreign workers pretty bad. New rules and conditions of H1-B visa have witnessed massive downfall in foreign workers visiting USA. Earlier, US government issued H 1-B visas for workers who are skilled and possess professional skills. But now many companies are not willing to send their workers to US. So, the US senate has announced some interesting things about ‘O’ visa.

But what is O Visa? How to go USA with O visa? Well, H-1B visa is for foreign workers with good capabilities and skills. When coming to O visa, it was intended for foreign workers with extraordinary abilities or  they should prove their demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement. O Visas have been tripled in the last decade and this can help some foreign workers to visit USA with the help of O visa.

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