NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Xp price and specifications: Fastest ever graphic card


It’s been a month since NVIDIA has launched GTX 1080 Ti which was the fastest graphics card till now. But now something even far more powerful and faster than GTX 1080 Ti has been launched by NVIDIA. A new GeForce GTX TITAN Xp has been launched by NVIDIA. This is the fastest ever graphics card and replace its elder sibling GTX 1080 Ti.

A year ago, NVIDIA has launched TITAN XP and now it has modified the name to TITAN Xp. The all new GTX TITAN Xp comes with total GP 102 and hence TITAN Xp has 3840 CUDA cores which is the highlight feature in this superb graphics card. The GTX TITAN Xp has a boost clock of 1582 MHz.

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This new graphics card from NVIDIA will be the costlier as it is the fastest graphics card. NVIDIA priced GTX TITAN Xp at $1200. This is the same price even for the old TITAN XP. However the company has not announced any price for the Indian market but it might be available around Rs 1,20,000 and this price ain’t cheap!

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A total GP 102 tells us that TITAN Xp will use all the 30 SMs instead of using just 28SMs. So in the new GTX TITAN Xp all the SMs will be active. But the boost clock of TITAN Xp is similar to recent GTX 1080 Ti, a 1582 MHz. TITAN Xp has a better data rate than GTX 1080 Ti as TITAN Xp can do 11.4Gbps which helps even those extra SMs to get their data in.

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