Now purify water with these awesome sweet dips


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Now say goodbye to purifiers and stop heating water to drink purified water, the sweet dips have come to purify water better than the water purifiers. The scientists of Canada have developed new organism which can purify water.

These sweet dips are named as “dip treats” which can kill bacteria in the water. These dip treats can also kill E-koli bacteria in the water which is a great breakthrough for the world. According to some surveys in 2014, 2 billion people are still drinking unsafe water around the world.

purify water easily at home


Now the people living in villages and in dark countries where there are no pure drinking water can have purified water. The cost of these dip treats is affordable to use in our daily life.

This dip treat was developed from the seeds of Drum sticks with some added sugars which can find and kill bacteria in water. These dip treats can kill 90% of bacteria in a bucket of water.


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Scientists say that there will be no side effects to the health on using these dip treats. This will not affect the environment, they are eco-friendly.

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