Now make video calling in WhatsApp


Here’s good news for all the whatsApp users, WhatsApp has launched video calling facility in the app. Just like Google Duo, Apple’s Face time, Skype, Facebook video chat.  After Facebook has purchased WhatsApp, it has got more than 16 crore subscribers in India.

The marketing head of WhatsApp Mr. Neeraj Arora stated that “we are trying to update the app with video calling facility from a long time, this video calling facility is similar to voice call in WhatsApp. The user should update the app to get the video calling option. India is the first country to get video calling facility in WhatsApp and we are very happy for that”.

The WhatsApp video calls will be encrypted securely with end to end encryption just like messages and audio calls. So that third parties will not be able to see the video calls.

But the quality of video calls is entirely based on good network signals. This video calling option will be similar to audio call, now you can text a person, make an audio call and make a video call through WhatsApp. The subscribers are making more than10 crore audio calls per day, since the audio call option is enabled in WhatsApp.

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