Now you can listen to PDF files instead of reading. How? Check it now


Reading long PDF files will always be difficult task for us but here is the simple technic by which we can listen to the whole PDF file easily. We don’t need any software to listen PDF files .In Adobe Acrobat Reader we had an option to listen PDF files. Here is the step by step process to listen the PDF files.

Step 1: Open any PDF file

Step 2: Now in menu bar go to “View” option

Step 3: Go to “Read out loud” option

Step 4: click on “Activate read out loud” .Or you click (shift + ctrl + Y)

To listen only one page click on “Read This Page Only” or (Shift + Ctrl + V)

To listen till end of the document click on “Read to End of Document” or (Shift + Ctrl + B)

To deactivate the audio click on “Deactivate Read out Load” or (Shift + Ctrl + Y)

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