North Korea attacks US territory Guam; China warns N.Korea

North Korea attacks US territory Guam

North Korea attacks US territory Guam and this is what being heard from North Korea! North Korea threatens US that it can destroy the entire Guam island in just 14 minutes. North Korea is already preparing certain nuclear war heads targeting United States. North Korea has tested some powerful missiles even on US Independence day sending a war message to US.

However, even China warns North Korea that if it attacks Guam Island then N.Korea will be on it’s own if a war comes in between US and North Korea. According latest info, the newly designed North Korea missiles can reach Guam Island in less than 14 minutes and can destroy everything. Guam officials have alerted Guam people.

In case if North Korea attacks Guam, then 15 organizations are ready to alert people and there are about 7,000 US soldiers working in Guam. These US soldiers are keeping an eye on North Korea’s operations and they are always alert. If North Korea goes to war with US then no country in the world supports North Korea except China.

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