No profits for Bahubali? Producer reveals total budget and profits of Bahubali

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When everyone was overwhelmed with Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’s trailer, something weird has happened. Bahubali producer, Shobu Yarlagadda has given something unexpected statements on Bahubali budget and profits. According to the film producer, “Bahubali 1st part may have got Rs600 crore collections but we didn’t get much profits from it”. This has shocked everyone and still now many people thought that producer have got a whopping amount of profits.

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But quite opposite has been occurred when producer revealed all the details in the trailer launch of Bahubali 2 at Mumbai. Bahubali has proved that a Telugu film can also get record collections like Bollywood. Bahubali producer stated that they have spent over Rs 450 crore on both 1st and 2nd parts. The first part collections have completely balanced the budget.

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However there is no need for any tension on the second part as all the collections of second part are profits. It was known that Bahubali 2nd part have already done a business of Rs 500 crore in the form of various rights and other business. However the critics were pretty shocked after knowing the entire budget of bahubali because earlier it was known that Bahubali 1 has been done with a budget of 100-150 crore so that makes second part of Bahubali with more than Rs 250 crore.

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This made more expectations on Bahubali: The Conclusion and this massive budget will increase the epic scenes in the second part. Bahubali has a budget around Rajinikanth’s new Robo 2.0 which is being directed by Shankar. However Bahubali second part is the much awaited film in the country and fans are eagerly waiting for the film.

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According few critics and analysts, Bahubali 2 would become the first ever Indian film to cross Rs1000 crore and it is possible only for Bahubali. This is the first time ever a Telugu film getting such a huge craze and popularity in the country and also it has attracted other countries audience. So guys, you have to wait till April 28th for knowing the answer of “why Katappa killed Bahubali”?

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