Nithin’s Lie Movie Cast & Crew arrested by US cops

Nithin's Lie Movie Cast and latest photos

Lie will be an milestone movie for Nithin as he will be seen in completely different character. Nithin is in good form as his last film ‘Aa.. Aaa’ has been a blockbuster. Now, Nithin is coming with ‘Lie’ movie and the teaser has left audience with goosebumps by showing best classic scenes. Nithin and Arjun earlier acted in devotional and action movie ‘Sri Anjaneyam’ and now the duo will be seen in another mass action entertainer.

Hari Raghavapudi is directing the film who earlier did movie like ‘Andhala Rakshasi’ and Nani’s ‘Krishna Gadi Veera Prema gadha’. Lie movie release date is set for August 11th. However, a shocking news about Nithin’s Lie movie has been revealed. When Lie movie team is shooting in USA, Nithin’s Lie Movie Cast & Crew arrested by US cops. The team has used fake guns in an action sequence and along with those fake guns they also had an original gun.

When US cops raided the equipment, they cam to know about the original gun as well. The US cops has arrested the complete cast & crew. After proper clarification and paying penalty, they were released again. This incident has shocked many people and the Lie movie team got relaxed after getting out from jail in US. A new heroine Megha Akash is playing the female lead role who is also acting in Ram Pothineni’s upcoming movie.

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