Nintendo Switch game console launched: Price and specs

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Nintendo is trying in all the ways to strengthen its position in the gaming industry. Nintendo has shown its power with the viral Pokémon Go. The Japanese videogame giant has now launched a new switch game console. The Nintendo’s switch game console will go against Sony’s popular PlayStation 4. This will improve the Nintendo position in the gaming industry.

This switch game console of Nintendo will cost you around $299 which works at home and also on-the-go. Nintendo has grown as one of the big brands in the Gaming industry after its successful Pokémon Go and Super Mario. Nintendo is planning in such a way that it would sell around 2million switch console units in the first month of release itself.

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With the launch of Nintendo’s new switch console, it can come out of its earlier disaster of last console. Nintendo’s last console was Wii which didn’t get much success. Wii console of Nintendo has got 100 million customers but it was released a decade ago. Nintendo is expecting to sell 2 million units in just one month.

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Switch consist a detachable screen with which the users can dock it at home and also play on the go just like a tablet. The gamers can get real experience what is happening on the screen and another extraordinary feature is that the player can punch in air or shoot while playing a boxing game or a shooting one.

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Earlier Nintendo has released home console games successfully but now for the first time ever it has mixed the portable console and home console. With this new switch game console of Nintendo, the player can play at home like a home game console and can also play when he is outside like travelling in a bus or at any place. Nintendo is likely to challenge Microsoft and Sony PlayStations with this new switch game console.

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