Next-gen Skoda Yeti to be launched in 2017

skoda yeti 2017

Get ready people!!! A new next-gen Skoda Yeti is going to be launched in next year. According to the sources, the new Skoda yeti is in final stage of its development. The company is in plans to showcase the new Skoda Yeti at Frankfurt motor show in 2017. The next-gen yeti is much better than its previous model. The next-gen yeti comes with increased benefits and expanded size. The weight of the new model has been reduced and at the same time the seating is made very spaciously.

Skoda stated that the designs of kodiaq are used for the new Yeti. The powertrains which are used in the engines of Octavia are now even used in the new Yeti. The Czech brand is working on the other features of the new Yeti. The company is trying hard to launch the new next-gen Yeti in 2017. However the price and other features of the car are not stated yet. But the new next-gen Yeti is going to be much advanced than its old model. All the features from the old model are improved a lot, starting from size to engine and everything.

new skoda yati

As you can see in the above image how the transformation is done from the old Yeti to the new Next-gen yeti. All the designs have been changed including the wheels. The wheel base has been increased as the size of the New Yeti was increased. But the weight was reduced even though the size of the new Yeti has been increased.

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