New Twist in Kritika Chaudhary murder case will shock you!

Kritika Chaudhary  murder casr

Few days back everyone were shocked after actress Kritika Chaudhary was dead and she was murdered. Police are investigating Kritika Chaudhary’s murder case and the new twist in Kritika Chaudhary murder case will shock you. Police have found that Kritika Chaudhary has connections with drug lords and she is frequently contacting the drug peddlers.

Kritika Chaudhary also supplied drugs and she was used as drug transporter by drug mafia. But unfortunately she ran into financial debts and she couldn’t pay money for the drug peddlers and they had a fight. Police are suspecting that two drug peddlers might have killed Kritika Chaudhary.

Actress Kritika Chaudhary’s husband was also on run as he cheated many people and he was accused in many cases. Police has caught him last week and they are investing him. Police also raised doubts that Kritika Chaudhary’s husband might have his hand in this murder case.

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