New rule for water bottle dealers and companies: Good for people and bad for dealers

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If I’m not wrong you might probably hesitated and frustrated to pay different amount at different places for water bottles. Since many years the bottled water are sold for higher prices at specific places like airports, restaurants and in railway stations. At these places the dealers charge more than the MRP cost of the bottle. This has become a habit for the dealers selling more than the MRP cost.

The consumer affairs ministry already knew this over a long time but never took actions. However after lodging several complaints over the dealers, the government has finally taken certain actions. Minister of consumer affairs, Ram Vilas stated that “from today no dealer is allowed to sell bottled water more than the MRP cost and the dealers should sell water bottles at same price in all the places. Let it be a railway station, a theatre or even airport. If any dealer found to sell water bottle at higher price then he will be fined to a great extent”.

For past years, the water bottle mafia is running in the country and are earning illegally by selling more than the MRP cost. Now the government will take necessary actions on the companies and its respective dealers for hiking the price of water bottle. This is really good news for the public as there is no need to pay higher amount for water bottle when you feel thirsty.

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However this is a big blow for the bottled water dealers as they might probably thought that the coming summer season would gain them more money. The government has blown away all their illegal activities in earning extra money. But it is the responsibility of you in bringing to the authorities notice of dealers selling bottles at higher price. The government authorities have already passed orders to the companies and dealers across the nation.

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