The new Mercedes Benz E-Class will amaze you like anything

Mercedes Benz E-Class features

Here is a yet amazing car from Mercedes Benz. The much awaited car from Benz, E-class will be launched very soon in March. Mercedes Benz E-class is launched in other countries and it will be available in India from March said by company sources. The advance booking of new Benz E-class is started by the dealers with an booking amount of 2lakhs.

The Benz new E-class was showcased in last Detroit motor show in January 2016. E-class was one of the best-selling models of Benz in India. The new E-class is 43mm longer and with a great wheelbase of 65mm. This is much advanced than the previous models in E-class. It has more advanced specifications than its previous models. The E-class has a comfortable four seating.

It’s not just a car, there are much more advanced features that you never imagined. The 3 spoke steering wheel does not have any buttons like before.  It has touch sensitive controls in the place of regular buttons, pretty cool right! Well this is not the only advanced feature; there are many other cool features in the new E-class. It has big 12.3 inch display with touchpad controller.

You can experience a great sound with a 3D sound system in the new E-class. The new E-class comes in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol version E200 can hit 184PS per 300Nm and the diesel version E250 d can hit 204PS per 500Nm just like C 250. The E 350 may have a 3.0 litre engine which can hit 258 PS per 620Nm. The new E-Class will come with a 9-speed automatic gear box.

new e class benz

You can experience automated driving with the new Drive pilot tech. The dimensions and solid edges add more advantage for the new E-class unlike any other car manufacturers. The estimated price range for the new Benz E-class would be around Rs 55Lakh in India. This new E-class would give a tough competition for BMW 5 series and also Audi A6.

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