Hyundai unveils the new Santa Fe with revised features and specifications

New Hyundai Santa Fe 2017

Got bored with old Hyundai Santa Fe? Well here is a new Hyundai Santa Fe with revised and updated features. Hyundai is testing a new Santa Fe with increased rear and much more. Hyundai Santa Fe was first model updated in 2013 and continued with the same design with no major changes. Santa Fe is one of the famous SUV cars from Hyundai.

A new model Santa Fe was seen testing in the snowy place in North Sweden which was seen with more spacious seating inside the car. The rear part of the car was increased to emerge as a complete SUV to compete with Hyundai’s all-time rivals Honda and Toyota.  This new SUV from Hyundai will enter the street fight with Toyota’s Fortuner and Honda’s BR-V.

new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

In new Hyundai Santa Fe, eight passengers can sit comfortably while the old Santa Fe offers only seven seating. This would be the first Hyundai car with eight seating capacity. This new Santa Fe is a perfect SUV car for bigger families to travel around.  However two different models of Santa Fe will be released while another version gets increased wheelbase according to the reports. This model is much spacious than the old models of Santa Fe.

However this new model may not carry the badge of Santa Fe because there are already two different Santa Fe models in the market. The customers are confusing from these two model names: Santa Fe sport and Santa Fe (XL). Santa Fe sport offers a 5-seating capacity while Santa Fe (XL) offers a 7-seating capacity. So Hyundai will give a new badge to this latest Santa Fe model which will be released in the market by 2019 with a fresh name.  The new Santa Fe will get dynamic rugged style design at front to beat the competition from Jeep.

new Santa Fe 2017 hundai

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This new Santa Fe is an all-rounder because it has got everything of an SUV, eight-seating capacity, Jeep face at front and much more. The release date, specifications and price are not yet revealed by Hyundai. The specifications and name of new Santa Fe model may be revealed soon. But you have to wait till 2020 to lay hands on this eight seating SUV car. Stay tuned for for more details.


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