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Good news for hear loss patients! Scientists have discovered a new drug to improve hearing in hear loss patients. The dead cells in the ear can be regenerated with the help of this new drug.  When a child is born, in each ear 15 thousand cells are available and these will identify various sounds and decode them into message and will transfer it to brain. Hearing sounds and identifying them is the major task of these cells.

In case if these cells get damaged they can’t be regenerated again and there is no treatment for it till now. People use hearing machines to hear sounds and they can’t hear without machine but few people feel shy to use these machines. The hearing loss may occur in both the ears and any single ear too. The hearing capacity will be lost forever and using hearing machines is the only solution for this.

These cells in ear may be damaged by hearing huge sounds or if we get any viral fever, then due to disorder the cells may be damaged. However the scientists have finally found a way to get back the dead cells back to life. The researchers of MIT in United States have found this new drug. They have done lot of study and research on this drug and stated that they have successfully tested the drug.

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At first they have increased the number of surrounding cells and then they have influenced those cells to turn as hearing aid cells with which a human can hear. However the availability of the drug is not yet confirmed officially and it may take a while to get the approval from the ministry. The price and availability for the patients will be known in a short while. After all good news for people who are suffering with hear loss and you can now say goodbye to hearing aid machines.

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