The new Audi Q8 concept to be unveiled at Detroit motor show

audi Q8 2017

Here is an amazing car from Audi. Audi will soon launch an Q8 model. The Audi Q8 concept will be revealed at Detroit motor show. Audi has released a new teaser of Q8 and extended its SUV coup-style. The production of this car will be started very soon with coup-style.

The Audi Q8 concept has increased the expectations for Audi lovers and in the teaser it was seen that Audi Q8 is completely manufactured by stylish SUV in a coup-style. The Audi Q8 is large and spacious for a comfortable four seating. The cabin is much wider with great interior design. The presence of Audi’s unique design was seen on the front side of the car.

A grille is integrated in Q8 which is wider than any of the Audi’s other cars.  The Audi Q8 has a stylish e-tron emblem implemented on the front bumper. Audi Q8 has a great wheel base and long tires which can be driven on any kind of land mass. The Audi made its trademark by its great design and advanced features. Audi Q8 has great LED taillights with an sexy look.

Audi Q8 has many advanced features in which one of them is the advanced touch sensitive door lock. Audi has taken the door handle technology to next level and it is really a great feature. Now say goodbye to door handles, you can now open the door with just a thumb on touch pad in the place of door handle. There are more features in the car which will be unveiled at the Detroit motor show.

Audi q8 features

The new Audi Q8 will be available in the market by next year as it is still in testing stage which makes us to wait for one more year to lay hands on the beautiful car. Audi Q8 will surely give a tough fight for Benz GLE coupe and also BMW X6. However more details, features, price and release date will be unveiled soon in the Detroit motor show.

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