Apple ipad pro 2 release date and price: New features and specifications

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There was a huge buzz in social media and internet that Apple is releasing a new ipad pro 2. The Apple ipad lovers are eagerly waiting for the new ipad in pro series. There are many cool things in the new Apple ipad pro 2 with improved features and specification than ipad pro. One of the amazing features is that Apple ipad pro 2 will come with a pencil. The pen 2 of Apple will be smooth and comfortable to use.

The pen 2 will have great features as it has good sensors and also an eraser on the other end of the pen2. Isn’t it cool? Another cool thing is that you can attach the pen to ipad as the pen is having magnetic sensors which can be stick to the ipad. This way there is no chance of losing the pen at any cost and no need to search for the pen all the time. The ipad pro 2 has an internal storage of 12 GB which is a slight disturbing at the moment.

The Apple ipad pro 2 has been given IP67 rating which is similar to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. As the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are waterproof resistant and can be protected from dust and other liquids. So this makes even the iPad pro 2 as a water resistant. If so then it would be a great feature for ipad pro 2. The designs and the functions are much advanced than the previous versions.

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Apple products are known for its slim design and the new ipad pro 2 will be more slim and with awesome sexy looks. Just imagine how it would be when this slim ipad pro 2 is in your hands! This would be the largest ipad from Apple than the previous ipads. The battery life of ipad pro 2 has been improved to a great extent. However the official price quote and remaining features are to be announced by Apple in a short period. Stay tuned to for more updates about Apple ipad pro 2.

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