Never lie on these things on your first date: Tips for first time date

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First time date is always difficult and it is a nightmare. Few people get tensed and excited which makes them to commit certain mistakes on their first date. To improve or build your relationship with your partner, first date is very important. First date is your first chance and you have to utilize your first chance. Many first timers lie on certain things on their first date to impress him/her.

The things which you say on your first date play a key role in future and your partner believes whatever you say on your first date. You have to follow the same things in future and that makes a nightmare for you. In future if your partner comes to know that you lied then he/she may envy you and this leads to several problems. If you lie on your first date then you may be happy on that day but in future you will be in distress. So never lie on your first date and be frank.

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Your name

Many people tend to lie on their name on their first date. Few think that if their name is old or odd then their partner may not like it so they will lie on their name. Saying names on base of alias will make your partner to think that you are cheating them. So be frank and say your real name as no one gets interest to go on date with cheaters.

Your profession

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Never lie on your profession. People will try to impress his/her partner by saying that they are in good profession with high salary. Think once! This plays a crucial role in future and if your partner came to know your real profession then they will get rid of you instantly.

Your age

Tips for first time date

Don’t cheat on your age with your love! In some cases you can’t hide your real age and at that time your partner will hate you. You will his/her trust and confidence on you. Your partner will never trust you on anything in future and this kind of small lies will make a huge impact on your relationship.

Your ex-relationships

Never lie on these things on your first date

Are you alone? Do you have any ex-relationships? Are you divorced? Never lie on these three things on your first date, be frank and say what you are! You may hide these things but in future your partner may come across these aspects somehow then even god cannot help you in this massacre. So to avoid this massacre, tell her everything about you on your first date.

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Be frank and real! Don’t act or pretend as someone and don’t hide your real character. If your partner likes everything about you then you can have a great life in case if your partner didn’t liked the things about you then its better you choose someone. If you hide your real character on your first date then you will face problems for your entire life. If you say everything real about you then there are chances of discussing and changing some habits as your partner loves you being frank. When you are frank and reveal everything about you, your partner may think that you are respecting him/her


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