You should never date these men in life: Check out why

tips to date a men for girls

Not all men are equal! There are different and unimaginable guys on this planet which you might probably never expected you would meet. There is this guy who has a charm and every girl loves him while there is an annoying fellow who a woman would never want to date even in dreams. To stay a happy life you need to find the right guy or else you will end up in jeopardy. Here are the weird and avoidable men to stay away.

Predictably boring guy!

There is a lot of difference between a predictable and unpredictable guy. The predictable one seems boring as you might get a kilometer distance from any surprises. Usually we can guess about the predictable guy what he is up to and trust me it’s a lot of boring. Don’t you need some surprises in your life, if there’s no such thing then you will live a boring routine life without any fun.

The selfish guy

This is the guy you should never go for a date as he is too selfish. He always cares about him and doesn’t give a damn about you! This kinda guy speaks about him all the time and never gives a chance or opportunity for you to take decisions. He doesn’t care about your choices and will not value your thoughts. If you choose this kind of guy then good luck for your unhappy future.

The playboy

If you are looking for a serious relationship then this guy is not for you. He flirts and wants every woman he passes through and is a sex maniac. He plays with women and doesn’t care about their emotions and feelings. This playboy will never get serious about your relationship as he is a fun oriented guy. Stay away from him if you don’t want to hurt yourself pretty bad as you can’t maintain a long-run relationship with him.

The childish men

This particular guy hasn’t got matured and there are no signs of a grown-up. He is still a kid even at the grownup age and you should be ready for baby sitting in your relationship. He can be like a kid but not like a man and if you come across this kid man then you better stay away or else you will end up in babysitting.

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The watchman

Don’t mistake me! I didn’t mean a watchman at gate but I’m speaking about your own watchmen. This guy always keeps an eye on you as he got plenty of doubts on you. He spies all your activities unknowingly and finds everything. He always have a doubt up on you even if you are royal to him and this kind of guys easily misunderstand you for small reasons. We bet you can’t even speak with any other guy even for a casual talk when he is around.

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