Neha Dhupia car Accident; Health condition updates

Neha Dhupia car accident

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia met with accident while she was travelling in a car. Neha Dhupia was returning after promotion of an event in Chandigarh. Neha Dhupia car accident has shocked everyone. Irony is when Neha Dhupia met with accident, she luckily came out of car and many people gathered around her for selfies and photos.

People has forgot that Neha Dhupia car accident has happened and they’ve rushed for selfies. Neha Dhupia who was injured slightly gave some selfies with people for 30 minutes and left from there after another car came to receive her. Traffic has been blocked for a while as there was crowd and some disturbance. Neha Dhupia also acted in some Tollywood movies like Balakrishna’s Paramaveerachakra.

Neha Dhupia met with accident

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