Natural tips to make your hair healthy and stronger


In the earlier days people are having thick and long hair but now due to diet habits, climate change and pollution everyone are facing hair loss here are   the some of the natural tip’s which will make your hair stronger…


Maintaining healthy diet is always good for the body. Healthy diet is always equal to good adopting proper diet is always a wise idea. Consuming food which contains Vitamin C, Vitamin-B, copper, zinc, etc. is advisable. And having lot of water is also very important. This simple food tips make your hair healthy.


Head massage

Making scalp massage on regular basis will always increase blood circulation and protect your hair .Always use warm oil on the scalp while doing head massage .coconut oil, Almond oil and Amla oil are the some of the best oils for head massage . Rosemary oil is best oil for the people who are suffering with dandruff .so make sure that you do head massage at least twice in a week.



Alovera is the one of the best medicine for help the hair top grow. The usage of alovera is very simple just apply some fresh alovera juice on scalp and massage in circular motion for 5just minute and raise it warm water .Fallow this simple step at least  twice in a week.



Using of good conditioners  after shampoo is also advisable  because conditioners will  help to keep the hair moisture for a long time  .so always use some chemical free conditioner after shampoo..



To grow your hair you have to fallow this simple tip because egg has natural vitamins which are very good for hair. Just apply egg white on you hair as a mask. After 10 minute raise your hair with warm water. For best result fallow this at least twice in a week.


Potato has vitamin A, B, C which help hair to grow. So apply potato juice for scalp and leave it for 10 minute. After 10 minute raise it with cool water for better result..

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