NASA to take humans to Mars by 2033: US government orders

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By the end of 2033 humans may explore the red planet, Mars. US government has ordered NASA that they have to make this mission successful by 2033. US government has passed a bill of massive funds of over $19.5 billion just for Space exploration. A new bill has been passed by the government, The NASA authorization Act of 2017. During the past years NASA has seen a downfall and it is surely not like before.

NASA has lost its presence in the International Space program and has not achieved much in the recent times. However with this huge funding NASA would get back to its previous stage. NASA should develop a roadmap for human exploration to Mars and they have already started their process in creating a roadmap. They are developing a step by step guide to reach Mars.

nasa news

However NASA is striving hard to get humans to Mars as it has set a record for landing first human on Moon. If NASA gets humans to Mars then it would become the first country to take humans to Mars. Many critics have criticized NASA as it has fallen back in the technology change and failed to adapt several changes in the present world. NASA is still trying to operate in its old and traditional ways.

This slow pace of NASA gave chances for private space agencies like Space X. Space X is growing in a rapid speed and exploring many new things. Space X is preparing to launch a probe to Mars by the end of 2018 and also to develop a reusable rocket by 2022. While NASA is trying to take humans to Mars by 2033, Space X announced that it would carry humans by 2025. This has become a race in between NASA and Space X.

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After launching Apollo 11, NASA has set Mars as a target in finding many unknown aspects of the red planet. NASA is carrying several studies on Mars for knowing the human traces and living conditions suitable for us. Not only NASA, other countries are also on their way to find answers for Mars. The rovers to Mars by 2022 may help the humans in exploring the red planet and to find many interesting things as well.

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