NASA space shuttle to reach sun: Great achievement for humans

Nasa on sun

Till now countries have reached Moon and mars but now NASA is planning to reach the burning sun. This is a great achievement by the humans as reaching sun is unimaginable till now but in future the scientists may study more about sun. The mission is carried out by NASA in the name of solar probe plus mission and the mission will start in the year 2018. This is very rare and amazing mission as no one reached even near to sun as it is very hot.

NASA will send a space shuttle to sun at a distance of six million kilometers. However the shuttle will not land directly on sun but it will reach near to sun to a distance where no one has ever reached. This mission may find out three unknown facts about sun which is never known till now. The sun is too hot and is like father of the entire universe. Without sun, the existence of the planets is unimaginable.

NASA on sun

The three questions which NASA is likely to find out are: 1) why do powerful sun rays fall on earth at particular times? 2) Why does sun’s atmosphere (corona- 2 million degrees) is hotter when compared to the temperature on the earth surface (proto sphere- 5,500 degrees). 3) How do the solar rays travel in such an ultrasonic speed? Solar rays travel at a speed of million miles per hour.

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Apart from these, NASA would find out more unknown things to the humans and the answers for these questions may help the researchers in finding out more things and can go forward in various aspects.

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