NASA creates coldest spot in Universe: Checkout How and why?

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Where is the coldest spot in Universe? Pluto? Antarctic? Well, in the coming days NASA is likely to create a coldest spot in the entire universe with the help of lasers. This will be a new milestone in the human history and the anonymity of gravity and dark matter can be decoded with the help of this cold spot mission. NASA will send an ice box after freezing gas atoms in the box and this would become the coldest spot in universe.

This mission will help in finding more answers related to gravity and dark matter. Even in the present era, scientists are still unable to find the nature, origin and other facts about these forces. NASA developed this cold spot to get a clear idea of gravity and dark matter. All the doubts and unknown answers would come to an end with ice-chest box. Scientists can trace many facts with the help of coolest place.

NASA creates coldest spot in Universe

For this new mission, NASA has created a set of instruments for Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL). The scientists can use this in the International Space station (ISS) to microgravity atmosphere. This was developed by jet propulsion Laboratory under NASA. This ice-crust box will be sent to International Space station by the end of July, 2017. After reaching into ISS, the scientists will use this ice-box.

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The gas atoms in the ice-box are cooled more than 100times of the space depths. The instruments of the CAL can be helpful in freezing of gas ions resulting in attenuate gas of bosons at zero degrees. This way new quantum physics will arise and will improve the scientists learning knowledge over atoms. This will help the scientists in knowing more quality things and unknown things about atoms.

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