PSYCHE 16 asteroid to be captured by NASA which would be worth of $10,000 Quadrillion


NASA is going to reach a milestone which was impossible and never done before in the human history. NASA is in plans to send a space module into the Psyche 16. Psyche 16 is an asteroid which will become the biggest asteroid belt by 2024. This mission will be useful to study how planets, asteroids and solar system were formed. This mission will remain as a great historic event in the human history. Arizona state University researchers will carry out this mission under NASA.

The Psyche 16 was once a big planet of the size of Mars but after several cosmic bodies were hit, the Psyche 16 loosed its outer layers and became smaller. The space module would reach the Psyche 16 belt by 2030 to learn many unknown and unsolved aspects about solar system. This mission will reveal how planets were formed and separated from one another. This will help the scientists to know many unknown interesting facts. Another important fact about Psyche 16 is it ain’t formed by ice or any rock as it was formed most of its part with metal.

Psyche 16 is one of the biggest asteroids in the solar system. The best part of this Psyche 16 is that it is different from other asteroids. Many asteroids are formed by ice or rock and some asteroids are formed with iron. But Psyche 16 was formed by Gold, platinum, nickel, cobalt and gold. Scientists also stated that it consists of many other unknown metals which humans ever came through. This is really an biggest achievement in the human history.


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Psyche 16 is very big in size that it covers 200 km wide distance. The scientists are struggling hard to capture this asteroid which will be of worth $10,000 quadrillion. However NASA is not having such technology to capture an asteroid of that size, but may be developed by 2030. But the world should wait and see how scientists will manage and capture the asteroid and how they would bring back to earth. The real question is how it would be preserved on the earth.

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