Narendra Modi to speak with US President Donald Trump tonight

Narendra Modi with Donald Trump

The newly elected US President Donald Trump will speak with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over phone. India has a great relationship with America over decades and when Barack Obama was the president, Narendra Modi and Obama has met several times and both the leaders have a great friendship among them. But Modi and Trump haven’t spoken to each other yet. When Trump was elected in the President elections, Modi congratulated Trump in twitter.

Modi was among the first five leaders to congratulate Donald trump after his historical won as President of United States. Modi will be the fifth leader worldwide to speak with Trump after he pledged as Unite States President. The telephonic conversation is scheduled at 11:00 pm tonight said by white house officials. However Trump made positive statements over India in his election campaigns. Trump is looking forward to hold the bond between America and India.

Trump praised Modi and Modi’s policies in making India as a best and fast growing country in the world. Trump also stated that he is waiting to work with the Indian Prime Minister for continuing the bond between India and America. Trump also stated that India is a key strategic ally for United States of America. In this phone call Modi and Trump will speak about the future operations and relationships between both the countries.

Donald trump with modi

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In a short period Modi will meet the United states President Donald trump in US. But people of both the countries are eagerly waiting for the highlights of the telephonic conversation. India is one of the top countries with which Donald trump wants to strengthen the relationships. Critics say that Donald Trump will be good to India but however we have to wait till the actions from the leaders.

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