Nara Lokesh: Call me Pappu or Uppu!

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In the past few weeks, it’s been viral in social media regarding Nara Lokesh’s nickname ‘Pappu’. TDP rivals and social media hatemongers have made viral saying that Nara Lokesh is ‘Pappu’ after his blunder mistakes in his speech. Nara Lokesh confused of ‘Vardhanti’ meaning and he laso mistakenly said that he will make sure that Andhra people will not get water.

This has become viral that if we type AP Pappu in Google search, you can find Nara Lokesh’s images. Nara Lokesh gave interview to a media house recently and he fired on his rivals and hatemongers in social media. He said “Call me Pappu or Uppu, I don’t care! I’m not answerable to rivals and hatemongers on social media who throw mud. I’m answerable only for people”.

“If pappu can start innovative schemes like Jalavani, installation of 40 lakh LED bulbs and underground drainage system in villages, then I am pappu. If Uppu can do it, then I am uppu. Let them decide what I am. I don’t bother about what hatemongers say in social media and all they do is creating some cartoons and publicizing it”, said Andhra Pradesh IT minister Nara Lokesh.

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