Nani’s son Arjun Annaprasana exclusive images, celebs

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Tollywood young hero and natural star Nani is having good times with successful movies and also with his newly born son. Nani was married to Anjana a while ago and few weeks back Anju delivered young nani. Recently, Annaprasana function of Nani’s son was celebrated grandly in the presence of few celebrities and family members. Allari Naresh, Keerty Suresh and few other Tollywood celebrities attended the function.

Nani named his son name as ‘Arjun’. Recently, a pic of Arjun lying on his father’s chest went viral in social media and it was so adorable to watch arjun. Interesting thing about Arjun name is, first letter of Arjun is the first letter of his other Anjana and last letter of Arjun is also the first letter of Nani.

Nani’s son Arjun Annaprasana exclusive images, celebs

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Here we have collected few exclusive images of nani’s son Annaprasana function. Checkout all the images below.

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