Nandita Das seeks a divorce from her second husband

nadita das divorce

One more couple from Bollywood has chosen their different ways. The Bollywood Actress Nandita Das filed a divorce with her second husband Subodh Maskara. Nandita das was famous for her role in many popular movies is now seeking a divorce from her second husband after a seven years relationship. The couple filed a divorce in the district court, the Additional District Judge (ADJ).

The couple was married in the year 2010 after Nandita Das was divorced from her first husband Saumya Sen in 2009. After divorce with Saumya Sen, Nandita Das married Subodh Maskara and continued a relationship for seven years. The couple stated that they were separated a while ago but still staying in same house. Nandita Das and Subodh Maskara have mutually agreed regarding divorce.

The court has ordered the couple to appear again in the court after six months on “The Second Motion Petition for Mutual Consent Divorce”. The Additional District Judge (ADJ) Mittra has given a second chance for the couple to rethink about their decision on divorcing. The court will grant a divorce after six months if their decision stands same.

Nandita das and Subodh Maskara

Nandita das and Subodh Maskara has a baby boy Vihaan. If the couple decides to separate then the court will decide how they should manage their son Vihaan after their divorce. So Nandita Das and Subodh Maskara are having six months’ time to take a better decision by keeping in mind about the future of their son Vihaan.

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