Nampally court issued summons to prince Mahesh Babu: why

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu is the prince of Tollywood and one of the leading stars in telugu film industry. Mahesh Babu has a great following in the telugu states is now facing a problem from nampally court. Nampally court has issued summons for the superstar. This has become a big headache for Mahesh babu as he is busy in shooting for his next film. After the disaster of Brahmotsavam Mahesh babu is trying hard at sets to make a super hit movie but this issue is a big blow for Mahesh babu.

Going to the story line, it was all because of Mahesh Babu’s Srimanthudu which was a successful hit in Tollywood. Srimanthudu is one of the highest grossing movies in telugu film industry and highest for Mahesh babu for any of his films. Not only Mahesh Babu, even the director Koratala siva and the production company Mythri movie makers also. The real problem is with the story of Srimanthudu as a person named sharath Chandra has lodged a complaint that the srimanthudu story was a copy of his earlier novel written by him in 2012.


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Sharath Chandra has published the same story on the name of “Chachentha prema” which is already published long back. He complained that srimanthudu story was entirely based on his novel. Sharath Chandra who is a famous novelist has filed a case on the movie team in nampally court seeking justice. The court has looked up on this issue and moved forward in taking action on the movie management of srimanthudu. The court has already issued summons to Mahesh babu under the act of section IPC 120 B and also on section 63 of copyright act.

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