Nagarjuna and Nani Multi starrer movie details!

Nani and Nagarjuna multi-starrer movie

We have seen Nagarjuna in multi-starrer movie Oopiri as Nag shared screen space with Tamil hero Karthi. Now, if everything goes well then King Nagarjuna will pair with Natural star Nani in a multi-starrer movie. Nani has recently acted in Multi-starrer movie with aadi Pinisetty in ‘Ninnu Kori’ movie which got good response from the audience. If Nani acts with Nagarjuna in a multi-starrer movie then his fate will be changed in Telugu film industry.

Nani who is currently in outstanding success track is coming with ‘MCA’ which is his next film. However, there is no official confirmation from Nani or Nagarjuna yet. In the recent times, we have seen few multi-starrer movies and if the trend goes on then it will be a feast for the audience. Let us hope that a multi-starrer movie of Nagarjuna and Nani gets finalized!

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