Myna Nandhini’s husband, Karthikeyan commits suicide: Reasons revealed

Myna Nandhini’s wedding pic

The famous television actress, Myna Nandhini’s husband, Karthikeyan is found dead in a lodge. Reports say that Karthikeyan has committed suicide by drinking poison. Karthikeyan was staying in a lodge in Chennai and committed suicide in his room itself. The lodge owner has got a bizarre doubt as Karthikeyan hasn’t left his room for a while.

He told one of the lodge employees to check over Karthikeyan whether he is alright or not. But for everyone’s surprise he was found dead in his room. A suicide note was found on beside him blaming his father-in-law who provoked Karthikeyan for taking this wrong step.

When the lodge keeper opened the door Karthikeyan was already dead and police stated that Karthikeyan has mixed poison with cold drinks. Karthikeyan also own a gym and was married to television actress just wight months back. Nandhini is the second wife of Karthikeyan but recently the couple had some personal issues and Nandhini has left Karthikeyan.

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She is now living with her parents and there were some issues going in between Karthikeyan and Nandhini’s father. However the exact reasons why Karthikeyan committed suicide is not yet known and the police are still interrogating the case. According to the suicide note, the police are suspecting that something must have happened between Karthikeyan and his father-in-law.

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