The mobile war has started!!! Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement


The mobile patent war has started again and this time Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement. The two mobile giants are now fighting for patent rights.

Nokia is one of the leading mobile manufacturers from 1997 but later in 2010, it has lost its control and upper hand in the mobile market. Nokia failed to capture the android market as it released Microsoft version mobiles.

After Nokia became part of Microsoft, the name of Nokia on mobile panel changed from Nokia to Microsoft. Nokia was completely eliminated from smartphone mobile market.

But however Nokia was fighting for its patent rights against Apple. Apple copied the innovations made by Nokia and used without the permission of Nokia. This is not the first time Apple illegally used Nokia’s patents.

In past Nokia and Apple made certain agreements regarding the patent rights. But now Apple is using Nokia’s innovative inventions and is using almost 30 patents of Nokia. Apple is using Nokia’s inventions such as displays, chipsets, user interface, video coding, software and antennae.

Nokia filed case on Apple in USA and in Germany for claiming its copyrights over several patents. Nokia’s patent control head executive stated that “we have approached Apple many times regarding the violations of patent rights of Nokia, but Apple did not responded to the claims of Nokia. Hence we had no choice other than filing case on Apple”.


Microsoft acquired Nokia for almost $7.3 billion dollars. This has led to the removal of brand name Nokia on Lumia smartphone mobiles, which were labeled with Microsoft logo again.

Meanwhile the Finnish company Nokia is in plans to launch its new Android smartphones. But Nokia is going to release only four Smartphones Nokia Z2 Plus, Nokia P1, Nokia D1C and Nokia C1.

However, Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent for developing mobile equipment’s. Now Alcatel-Lucent will develop smartphone equipment’s for Nokia which helps Nokia to launch better smartphones.


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