Mister Pre-Release function: Chiranjeevi cautioned Varun Tej

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Varun Tej’s new movie Mister pre-release function has been successfully organized and MegaStar Chiranjeevi has been the special attraction in the event. Chiranjeevi praised Varun Tej and lifted him to heights by showering his compliments. At the same time while complimenting, Chiranjeevi also cautioned Varun Tej but it’s for his own good.

Chiranjeevi stated that “I’m impressed with the classic action of Varun Tej in Kanche and mass action in Loafer. Varun is having a good future ahead and I’m sure that he can match to Sreenu Vaitla’s comedy”. Chiranjeevi also said that “we’re all behind you and our fans are behind us. Work hard and you will get results for sure and do not get carried out by the family support and humongous fan base”.

At last hard work is the only thing which saves us! After Chiranjeevi is done with Varun Tej he carried on praising everyone and without leaving anyone. He said that the film is already half successful by having great producers like Tagore Madhu and Nallamalapu Bujji who shares a close bond with Chiru.

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Chiranjeevi also praised Music director Mickey J Meyer and the two wonderful beauties Hebah Patel and Lavanya Tripathi. Chiranjeevi also mentioned writers of Mister, Sreedhar Seepana and Gopi Mohan. This shows the special interest and value chiru gives to the writers. Chiru has mentioned and thanked everyone on stage without leaving anyone and the Mega Star proved his respect towards the artists.

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