Minister Radha Mohan Urinating in Public Place; Swachh Bharat?

Modi's minister radha Mohan Singh urinating

Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the Swachh Bharat mission and here we have┬áModi’s Minister Radha Mohan Urinating in Public Place. Where is Swachh Bharat? And who’s following it? Indian agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh was spotted urinating in a public place against a wall while his security guards guarding hilm by looking away.

The photos of Minister urinating was going viral in social media and netizens are slamming the minister for his shameless act. This is the second time that agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh was caught urinating in public place. If Modi’s ministers aren’t following Swachh Bharat then who should follow it? Irony is when Swachh Bharat mission was started, even radha Mohan singh participated in the event and now he is urinating in public places.

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