Millionaire in china ordered 30 Rolls-Royce phantoms: sets a new record

30 Rolls-Royce phantoms

Ever seen a Rolls-Royce with 30 phantoms together!! Well you can visit the Macau in china. Normal people who can’t even imagine buying a single Rolls-Royce, Stephen Hung has placed an order for 30 Rolls-Royce phantoms. He purchased all these Rolls-Royce just to lease his guests at the hotel. Stephen Hung owns several hotels in china, he also owns casino in Macau.

This is a new record ever set by any millionaire. The famous British company Rolls-Royce has never received such a huge order. This is a great opportunity for the Rolls-Royce as they can sell 30 units on a single go. Stephen Hung is a millionaire in china who owns many luxury hotels and casinos. Stephen Hung will use these luxurious cars to welcome the guests to the new luxurious hotel which is under development.

Millionaire in china

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For the whole 30 Rolls-Royce, Stephen Hung has to pay a whopping $20 million. Of course this amount is nothing for this millionaire and he already owns few Rolls-Royce and has ordered 30 more which includes the top end versions of Rolls-Royce. Stephen Hung deposited $3 million when he placed the order and has to pay $5million by the end of the year. The balance $12 million will be paid when all the 30 Rolls-Royces cars were delivered.

Now Macau will be a great place for Rolls-Royce fleet. The Macau will experience the Rolls-Royce cars in the city which is a fast developing. These Rolls-Royce cars will be used in all the places of Macau to pick up the guests. This package of 30 Rolls-Royce cars will also contain the top two models Rolls-Royce has ever built. Now Stephen hung will be the first person and the only one who owns 30 Rolls-Royce cars.

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